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Western Formula Racing operates similar to a professional racing team. We have real costs incurred, from competition travel, to necessary tools and components. WFR relies on partnerships  and support from corporate and private sponsors to help the team reach it’s goals.

While in more recent years our sponsors have simply wanted us to advertise their brand for them, we’re open to wider sponsorship opportunities, such as performing case study research on your software, or coming to your events to aid your PR.

Beyond giving back and providing a better learning environment for students, some of the perks of sponsoring the Western Formula Racing team include:



  • Drive the car!
  • Get your name (or company’s name) on a racecar!
  • Have the car out to an event!

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  • FSAE® is one of the largest academic competitions around the world, and Western Formula Racing is one of the most successful FSAE® teams in Canada and North America.
  • Have your company advertised publicly in the local and global community.
  • Get your name out to the next generation of engineers and business-people.


  • The knowledge that we gain, we will carry with us into the workforce.
  • Build a connection with some of the most elite and dedicated students at Western.
  • Many of our alumni are now working for past sponsors.