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So you want to be a racecar {Insert job here}?

The simplest way, probably, is to just talk to us. Come bang on our door. Bother us as we walk down the hall. Come to our recruitment events and mingle. It makes us feel important… like rockstars.

Hey, we know a few of you don’t want to socialise just yet. You may have many reasons. Allow us to critique their validity:

  • You think this team is only for engineers. 
  • You don’t understand our jokes. 
  • You’re not in engineering and the building is scary. 
  • You don’t understand the car and think you’ll sound childish. 
  • You’re always busy during our recruit events. 
  • You don’t know where the office is, and what any team-member looks like. 

Whosoever is afflicted with the last problem, this form’s for you! It’s there for you to tell us who you are, ask us what you need, and in general removes the need for human interaction.

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