So... like... is this a job?

Indeed it is.

It’s also better than a job. You might not be earning money, but you’re almost immediately in charge of projects. Heck, by next year you might be in charge of an entire subsection…

Think about how that’ll look on a CV. Come to mention it, you do get a lot of industry connections and job offers through this team… How about that.

Formula is simple. You get out what you put in.

Stick around for a while, and become part of our culture here. We typically find ourselves with 20-30 new recruits every year, from varying faculties and fields of interest. Stick around for  year, and you won’t even remember at what point you became so good at everything. From time management, to ripping out a CAD model or CFD analysis in 15 minutes.

To give yourself even more reason to join, check out the various positions we have. You’ll probably find your calling here.

Why join WFR?

Already convinced?

Say no more.

We’re preparing a red carpet for you as we speak. Would you like some caviar with that good decision?

In all seriousness though, even if you’ve got your mind made up, get in touch with us as early as possible. We’d love to hear that we’ve telepathically manipulated you into joining, and will probably want to get to know you and get you feeling at home before crunch time starts.

Scroll below for a list of recruitment events. If there’s none running in the immediate future, just use the link below.

How to join WFR?

Upcoming Recruitment events