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You’ve been here before. You know what it’s like to pull the all-nighters, make the friends, lose the sanity, and gain the victories. You’ve had weekly meetings, daily meetings, lived together, and had a sleeping bag in the office. You were the reason we now have a shower in the building, and got a bigger shop.

You know who you are. And you know that for the first few years after leaving, you kept coming back. You might have stayed in touch with younger team members, been unable to stop helping with chassis design, or just brought us pizza.

There was no need to stop.

Get back in touch!

Individuals and Companies

Hopefully you’re already intrigued by how we operate, but indulge us. Let us tell you more.

We conceive, build and market an FSAE car every year. Take no breaks. Vacation time is something that we get once we graduate and hit industry. We do this annually with a budget under $60,000, which we have to raise ourselves. Considering that we constantly want to be a active organisation, we really take care of the sponsors we get. They’re not easy to come by, and we want them to stay.

So you can be sure you’ll be loved. Expect presents at Christmas.

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